Wednesday, September 21, 2016

day 21

i'm feeling in a great place emotionally, like the universe and i are acting as a team these days and all good things are coming to me.

this morning i got word that i would be able to take part in an art and yoga day that is being hosted nearby in a few short days.  i hadn't thought i would be able to work it out but things are falling into place and it's a go!

i took my happiness to the studio early in the day and some happy colors, textures and combinations exploded on the canvas that will need to be photographed with my good camera in hopes for a spot in the store.

i was still not digging the bright copper, so i dripped purple india ink over the areas, letting it drip for a while and then setting it flat to settle into other areas.  i also added the purple to the white areas.  then i concentrated on the lilies, adding another layer of color to them.

heres where it stopped yesterday;

and todays progress;

"i am a child of the universe
i shine and sparkle 
wherever i go
i am important in someones life
i attract abundant good
and my dreams are coming true"

until later,

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