Monday, September 12, 2016

days 10-12

it's been a busy and stressful weekend here, dealing with an ill adult child, ER visits and recovery period immediately following the visits.  all will be fine, but seeing my child in pain, no matter the age, is tough for the body and soul.  i did easy changes saturday and sunday, and today had little more thought and two different medium and techniques.  no matter the time spent in the studio, it gets me out of my own head and helps clear the stress for a while.

i had an idea of how i wanted saturday, day 10, to go.  i wanted bright pink dotted on with my fingers.  it didn't look the way i wanted, so i used a credit card to scrape it out, smoothing the texture and creating a more uniform, but dull, area of pink.  i liked some areas better than others, but again, it will be covered with other layers, and i am learning what works and what doesn't.

day 10

on day 11 i created a kind of border around the canvas, using the edge of a credit card to create lines of differing colors, which was difficult on a large scale.  i used the card to smooth out the lines and then added more lines on top, making it fit the look i had wanted from the start.

day 11

today  used a fan brush to create large circles on the canvas, and then i dripped crimson india ink and sprayed with water to let it flow where it wished, then turned the canvas, letting it drip the other way.

day 12

enjoy the texture love;

until later,

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