Wednesday, September 14, 2016

days 13 and 14

i'm still plugging away at this challenge!  i think this is the first challenge of any sort that i've been consistent with and i actually feel guilty about if i don't go into the studio in a timely fashion.  yay me!

yesterday, tuesday, day 13, i used my fluid acrylics to glaze the inner part of the canvas, keeping the circles, the 'frame' and the outside frame area free of glaze.  the texture is still under there, you can still see it, and in certain small areas i chose to not glaze.

painted on the table so used a chair to photograph

today i wanted some more hot pink!  i painted some branch and round 'leaf' shapes, keeping the centers free for the pink.  i think i'm into circles with this canvas.

then i knew i needed more drips.  this time i wanted white and i got out my india ink.  letting it drip and spraying with water as it dripped so it would get into the texture of the previous layers.

letting it dry

until later,

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