Friday, September 9, 2016

day 9

i forgot to take a photo yesterday or today of yesterday progress, such as it was.  i had a couple bites of some bad chicken and the tummy was unhappy, but i tried my hand at drawing a few leaf shapes with ink.  it didn't look the way i wanted, so i sprayed it with water and let it drip.  when all else fails, drips are the way to go.

i had a few ideas of what i wanted to do today.  one was to use a white pen to outline some drips that i like.  and i used another favorite stencil, but i didn't like how that looked, so... yep, sprayed it down and let it drip out.  i'm thinking most of this month will be primarily layers of drips, but i'm totally ok with that.  i love the look and really enjoy watching the magic happen.  as long as i am able to balance the colors and lights and darks, it's good.

closer to the end of the month i want to add more words, and i wrote a kind of poem i want to scratch into paint.  i want this to be more visible when all is said and done, so i'll wait a little longer to add it.

todays progress;

added green and yellow fluid acrylics mixed with airbrush medium

some white pen outlining with drips covering it

lots of layers

more white outlining

until later,

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