Friday, September 2, 2016

canvas challenge day 2

i didn't think i'd update daily, and i probably won't, but today had THE change from just words to color and i had to post about it.

yesterday ended with a canvas full of positive words about myself.  either words that i already am or words that i'd like to have in my life.  i discovered more words that i may incorporate at another point in this journey.  it's nice to have a list of positivity about yourself.

today i got into a color scheme i like, of teal and light greens and some purples and blue.

i loved the mark making but am still run down.  i thought i'd end the play here, but i couldn't stop and i got into finger painting instead

that's better

as it stands now


words are peeking, still


i love all the texture happening already!  this was a combination of acrylics, water spray, and india inks, with a foam brush, credit card, pallet knife and fingers.

until later,

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