Sunday, September 4, 2016

challenge, days 3 and 4

i wasn't feeling too chipper yesterday, but i was able to put a layer on for day 3;

this one was washi tape and acrylics.  i painted in white and scraped more positive words with a pencil tip.

day 4 has me doing more drippy layers in blues.  this morning i was feeling pretty craptastic about my art in general.  just like 'why do i even bother when the whole world does better art than i do'.  then i went to the studio, flung some drippy paint at the canvas and let gravity do it's magic.  suddenly all was better in my life!

and this is why i art; because the very act of it makes me happy.  there is magic in the paint.  there is magic in the act of painting.

i've done a second go round today after the first drippage event, this time in a light green shade, and i feel like i need to have mark photograph this one for the shop, i love it so much!

the blues you see here are much more faded than what i'm seeing in the studio.  it will take me holding it outside and mark taking the photo with our good camera in correct sunlight for it to come out right.  it's gorgeous!

until later,

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