Tuesday, September 27, 2016

day 27

i did actually "do a mark" on the canvas yesterday, but didn't get a photo before todays slight mark-making.  still feeling run down and not too creative, so i did something just to do something both days.

yesterday i used the neat trivet i found at the store sunday

i tapped my pallet knife into lime green paint and smoothed it over the honeycomb lines, and i'm happy with how easy and smooth the pallet knife worked.  it didn't get globs of paint inside the pattern like i thought it would.  i put my new stamp to the canvas in different places, dripped some orange india ink, and called it a day.

today i was just as lethargic, so i thought about how to rectify the orange india ink issue i made yesterday.  it had taken a muddy turn that isn't too noticeable for others, but it bothered me.  i decided to take out my yellow india ink today.  i'm still loving the way the ink rivets down the canvas.  then i mist it with my moon water and enjoy watching it play in all the texture as it meanders.

 honeycomb texture and drips

i'm loving the busy-ness of the background and i will keep playing with the lilys to make sure they stand out more when i am closer to finishing the piece.

i can't believe i'm almost finished with my canvas challenge of making a mark a day on this mighty canvas!  i've only missed a handful of days, which i'm so proud of.  i seem to be slacking on getting my main subject into the painting, but i'm having fun with the background and lilies right now, and thats the point.  i'll know when it's time to concentrate on finishing.

until later,

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