Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"technical difficulties"

i'm battling my demons and it is hard work. it's frightening, knowing that the fog of seasonal depression is wafting your way. i have things i'm looking forward to in the near future, things to keep me busy as long as the motivation is near. it's just difficult to stay positive and keep the movement going when you are standing in quicksand. mark is a most wonderful husband.  i know he does all he can to keep my head above the ooze, and he will be the first to say "welcome back" when the leaves start to bud in the spring.

in the meantime, i know that i'm unfolding

today i plan on doing more work to my canvas.  it feels good knowing that this beautiful piece is waiting for me.  this is something that i created.  i had no help at all- except from my muse and she rocks!    knowing this came from my hand blows my mind.

until later,

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