Sunday, October 9, 2016

new products in the shop!

we finally stopped life long enough to catch up on the photos from my september challenge and put them in my store!

there are five challenge prints total so far, with a few more still in the camera.  and, of course, when i'm finished with the canvas that will be going up as well.

back to the goodies;

"challenge 2" as a card

"challenge 3" gets cropped as a colorful shirt

heres the print of "challenge 3"

 "challenge 4" looks like a nice halloween card!

 some items we liked the crop without the 'moons'

and a favorite crop, "challenge 5", as a print

and a tote

we must have uploaded these to society6 at *just* the right time on *just* the right day with the stars in alignment *just* the right way, because people were promoting a few of them like hotcakes.  when you get enough promoters quickly enough, you get your work in the actual society6 shop, where there is a better chance for others to see your work.  i got word last night that two of these, challenge 4 and challenge 5, were selected to be included in this elusive shop!  i was dancing in my seat, let me tell you!!!

until later,