Tuesday, September 12, 2017

after a date with sheep, i'm getting down to business!

i keep saying this to myself, but i must get to work to make sure my paintings are ready to show for februarys art show at our local library!  i have about 17 paintings that are finished, but none are completely ready to show.  the ones that are wired to hang have not been varnished, there are some that are varnished but without wire or painted sides, and many states in between.  not one is at a level i would be willing to show!

i need to breathe!

yesterday i put a coat of varnish on my two latest paintings, and today i will check to see if they are dry for the second coat.  then they will have to completely dry for at least a week before wiring, so i don't mess up the varnish.

varnishing is a long process and one that takes all of my available creative space, the wiring takes a lot out of me and gives me pain, so thats why i've procrastinated these steps.  if i give hubby the task to drill pilot holes for the screws i think that will help, but he is so busy and i feel bad asking him to do yet another task for me.

each of the paintings has a little bio already written, but i have adjusted my pricing structure so i must make sure each painting is measured and priced accordingly.

i've looked critically at the prices of my pieces and have decided to use a price per square inch for the smaller pieces, and then at a certain size to switch to linear inches which will make the larger pieces more affordable.  it may be a strange way to price things but i want to make sure my pieces are available for people of all income levels.  thats why i have my shop, as well.  if someone can't afford an original, maybe they can afford a print, and they can surely afford cards or a mug.  it's not the same as an original, of course, but it's something from my heart, and the energy and love is still there.

last sunday hubby and i needed to bring my daddys truck back to my stepmom after a beauty treatment.  since we were going to be in the area, and the franklin county fair was in it's last day we decided to go see the sites.  i loved the fair when i was younger, and the livestock animals were my favorite attraction.  but the first thing we managed was to watch the fireman muster!  we got there just in time and it was a blast and i was cheering on the teams like it was the Super Bowl!

we made sure i was able to touch a few critters, and i chatted it up with a woman who was showing her beautiful cows.  then we went over to see the sheep and goats.  there were a few there that needed some jenny love, and they knew just how to get me to them.

 this sweetheart wanted to kiss me on the nose, 
and i wasn't too sure i wanted to let that happen.
just a little intimidating with the size difference!

this little love enjoyed my two handed skritch approach, 
and didn't want me to leave her.  
the feeling was mutual!

i'm still having computer issues, and hubby keeps breathing life back into it.  just not sure how long this is going to last.  keeping my fingers crossed that life and money woes continue to straighten themselves out, and that things stop breaking!

until later,


  1. Whenever I get a chance to go to a fair, my first stop is the animal barns.

    1. can't keep us critter lovers away from critters!