Thursday, September 7, 2017

day 6- an update

i'm going rogue here, and not using any prompt for todays blog along with effy.  i didn't vibe with her day 6 prompt for some reason, which is odd, because it was about 'home'.  usually i'm all about where i came from, but for some reason the words didn't come.

i got the prompt yesterday morning and then almost immediately the computer crashed, so i took the day off of the internet, away from social media.  and... it was good.  it felt lonely, but ok.  i spend a lot of my time feeling alone in the world, so binging on grace and frankie on netflix was a nice respite from my norm.  i read and did a little cleaning and a little painting.

i've been working on a piece that i felt better about in the earlier stages and now feel i need to fix.  in fixing i worry about adding more layers and covering the areas i enjoy.  i enjoy seeing the previous layers, but the piece has gotten too dark, so in order to lighten it up i need to add more heavy body paint, and, well, i'm about to the point where i want to throw in the towel.  hubby likes it.  go figure.

 i liked the pond areas best in the earliest stages.
very loose

 working on the koi now


then i darkened the lake a little to make the fish under the water, and i hate it. 

i need the blues back.  

which is ironic because the blues are what is keeping me from enjoying my time at the easel.  i have art classes to download and watch and organize, and thats not even exciting me.  but in order to not add overwhelm to the mix i will be downloading and watching and organizing today.  and i may put some blues on my painting, too.  baby steps are key.

until later,

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