Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 mid year review, and a couple of surprises

remember this;

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i have not been working with my yearbook faithfully.  er... like, not at all.  

today i dusted it off to look at my 2016 tarot spread, wondering how accurate it is for june, (not bad) and thought i'd take a look back at what my goals were back at the start of the new year. see if i've been able to succeed at some, and if others needed to be tweaked.

goal 1 revolved around creativity.  i wanted to create one mini canvas a week (52 total) and one large canvas every 2 months (6 total).  was i able to do this?  yes and no.  the mini canvasses became tougher for me to do by being so small.  they limited me.  the larger canvasses have been easier for me to create on and i've worked on them, creating 10 large canvasses this year!  thats really good and over my goal for the big canvasses.  i finished one mini canvas so far this year.  today.  

goal 2 was about personal growth and learning about the technical aspect of being a blogger with an online store.  i wanted to learn more about putting 'bells and whistles' on my blog, and i wanted to learn how to upload things onto my store site.  was i able to do this?  so far so good.  i'm learning as i go with the blog, and can do what i want to do.  as for uploading things onto my store site, mark is still doing that *with* me.  we enjoy doing it together, but i think i need to start trying to do it with mark coaching me.  that way i won't have to rely on him.  if ever i have to do it without him i want to be able to do so.

those are the goals i'm willing to share.  the others are about health, cooking, that sort of stuff, and i'm kind of slacking on those as well.  

i guess it's time to get back into the swing of things, especially now that i'm feeling more confidence in my work.  i want to be able to live the artist life that i dream of, and in order to do that i gotta get off my behind and just do it!

and on THAT note, i worked today.  i found the octopus eye i had been yearning for.  it actually looks like it fits, hehe!

i think she may be complete!

not only that, but i was inspired for a brand new painting.  i had a vision, and then i added to that, and it was 'meh'.  but one extra detail and i fell in love!  hard. 

she is not done.  she has more to say.  she wants fish and bubbles in her hair.  i just have to be able to listen and find the detail she needs.

until later,


  1. Love the octopus! What is he doing? Pulling down the moon?! Patti Janson

  2. thanks so much, patti! right idea, she's pulling down the sun, or just an orb of light, which symbolizes knowledge in this particular painting.