Wednesday, June 22, 2016

and she danced...

today i'm still recovering from a saturday full of celebration and memories.  my son, Winter-Orion, along with two of his friends, now have a legacy.  these boys worked so hard to get a skatepark in their town, and didn't live to see it finished.  saturday was the grand opening of Unity Skatepark in turners falls, mass, and the boys have their names in the public eye for all of eternity.  as it should be.

it was a bitter-sweet day, and i continue to recover from the overwhelm.

i also have two commissions to work on now, the second one for a nursery, which i'm excited about.  but today i just wanted to get the muse going, so i worked on a background that i had hated.  i had to tone it down a lot for me to see what belonged on the canvas, and when she showed up i was delighted!

bad lighting

she's not done yet, still drying for the next layer, but i'm so pleased with her.

until later,

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