Tuesday, June 14, 2016

a great painting day yesterday

i spent several hours painting yesterday,  fine tuning areas here and there on both my octopus and muse paintings.  all the work we do for small results... but those small results help to create a good painting, so we do them.

hopefully i will keep making small changes here and there and my artwork will continue to improve.

so, my muse painting doesn't look like i've done much, but i've worked on the faces a little.  tiny, little faces mean i MUST get a better tiny, little brush.  i'm making do with what i have, but i know i can do better with better materials!

where i was before;

and after;

they aren't ready for their close-up yet, so i didn't want to offend them.  you just don't go around offending your muses!  but, the heart area now stands out in a better contrast.  very glad i made that choice.  it makes a big difference.

and, miss octopus is starting to come alive!   here she was before;

and, i had a problem getting the light just right to show her off, so here are three photos of where she is right now;


i wanted her to have red undertones so she comes alive in the green water, and i added shading here and there.  i still need to work on her eye and add more detail to her suckers.  then i can see where i stand with the painting as a whole.

i think today will be a recovery day, just going to try and rest on the couch, maybe catch up on my nude sketching which i have not been faithful to each day.  

until later,

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