Sunday, June 26, 2016

new products in the shop

mark and i have been busy putting my newest paintings and merchandise up in my shop.  i'm very excited about these and proud that they came from my hand.

Grasping from the Depths
makes a cool shower curtain!

and here it is on a tote

we have Mother Earth up in the shop as a print;

she's lovely, but you need to look deep to see all her mysteries

we have other merchandise for her as well, but need to crop for the size allotted each item;

the tote bag shows the most of her

and doesn't Three Muses look great as a card?

we also put up Dancing With the Cosmos;

we have many items for each of these paintings and more in my shop now, and i'm working on a few more paintings this week.  stay tuned!

until later,

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