Friday, June 10, 2016

my blog is 1 today!

happy 1 year blogiversary to my little old self!  i've done pretty well with it as i have 54 posts up as of this one.   i didn't put up a post a week like it sounds i did, but i'm really impressed by what i accomplished when life was rolling on.  i've grown as an artist as well as a blogger and thats what my intention was.  so, it's a good day.  heres to many more!

i don't have cake or balloons to celebrate, but look!  i have an orb!

what a cute little orb it is!

yesterday i sketched another prospective octopus pose because i didn't feel well, and i also put a few more details in the coral, added some bubbles, brought in some more light rays, clenched my teeth and added the orb.  

it was pretty frightening for me to add a big bold egg shape to this enchanted ocean background, but i live with anxiety and fear in my daily life so i decided to put my foot down and not be afraid of my own art!  this is how an artist grows, and i am refusing right here and now to be afraid to grow as an artist.  i refuse stagnation in my art.  

today is another rough pain day.  i think it's the weather changing as it's cold and windy again today.  so, i sprayed my painting with a ton of fixative to let dry until i'm ready to play with the octopus!  i'm going to continue sketching her until i've refined the pose to one i'm willing to live with.  each night i've been seeing tentacles when i close my eyes...

as an added 'gift' to you, and i've shown glimpses of it here and there, i'll show you my upgraded elephant i thought was finished last august.

here he is then

and now

i can't wait to hang him up in our bedroom, but i'm still wanting to get his eyes 'just right'.

pita and pixel wondered what i was doing

until later,

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