Tuesday, June 28, 2016

sketching and dreaming

i have so many ideas in my head lately and a list of paintings i want to accomplish soon.  of course i have two commissions that need to happen, but these are for my down times.  this weekend i will be picking up an appropriate size canvas for one of my commissions then i will be working both at once.  exciting times!

i'm getting more 'likes' on the paintings that are up for sale in my society6 shop, and those are important!  mark and i have been going to the "new art" page and have never seen my artwork posted.  it seems your art needs a certain amount of likes or "promoters" in order for them to be put up on the front pages for all to see.  it doesn't matter how many artworks i have in my shop, or how many items i have sold, it matters if those artworks have been noticed and promoted by others.  i have put a call to my Facebook friends, and i ask you to check out my work and if you have an account to 'like' the art that speaks to you.  and, maybe make an account if you don't have one and do the same if called to do so.  it would mean so much to me to be seen on those 'new art' pages!  it's so easy to get lost in all the art out there and this would be a huge stepping stone, especially since it's my only platform to sell my art currently.  one of these days i'll try to step out and try my hand at an art show, but until i get the merchandise to sell, (which is another story altogether, and i have ideas!) this is it.

i'm still working away at some long lost art that called me back, and i have put the final touches on a couple of big pieces, and a mini canvas.  those minis are calling to me again!

my moon goddess received a little tending 
and will be up in the store soon

and my newest mini
"dreaming of a starry night"

and i have ideas about a frida canvas and an "afghan girl" canvas, which i sketched out quickly this morning.  she will need some tweaking here and there, but it's a good start;

until later,

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