Saturday, June 11, 2016

new paintings in my shop!

mark and i are busy this weekend putting up 12 (!) paintings into my shop!  amazing!  we currently only have 3 successfully loaded as our son kidnapped mark, but i couldn't control my excitement over one particular item that i MUST have as soon as possible!

she will be mine!
get her here

again, some items need a crop of the painting in order to fit and some paintings just won't work on some items.  but that means that a painting may look much different on a certain item than the original, and i kind of like it that way.

like my painting, "strength"

looks like this on a tote bag;

i chose for it to be off center, 
but a lot is cropped for the item dimensions

and like this as a travel mug;

like a totally different painting!

and here's pita pocket on stationary cards

and the cutest wall clock you ever did see!

check back with us later this weekend for more goodies up in the shop!

until later,

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