Thursday, June 2, 2016


i'm blown away by the wave of orders that have come in the few days since promoting my shop.  just beyond my expectations.  i've already gotten 10 items sold, and a couple of them are going to a well known artist friend of mine who had no idea i had this in me!  she posted a call to her creative Facebook friends to add their links on her wall, and sent me a message shortly after finding mine to say she had ordered a couple items and to lift me up.  i was floored, and am still giddy with the thought that my art is going to be in her home!

part of my early success is that a lot of my tribe has been following my art ventures for a while, probably waiting for the day i would settle on a medium already and get a store started.  these people have calmed my fears, built me up, and urged me along, and without my people i wouldn't be where i am right now.  my sales are keeping me motivated to create more.  and i know it will slow down, and i know people won't like everything i paint, and i know i will see ebbs in my energy, but right now i'm high off this!

i'm really feeling the love, guys. 
i'm feeling seen and accepted.  
and thats huge for me.  
thank you!

mark and i were tossing kudos back and forth to each other last night.  i was thanking him for all his hard work, he was saying i did the work, and i tossed back his building me my studio (and my website, and my store, scanning paintings, cropping paintings, getting the colors right, uploading......).  it's like we were playing a game of hot potato!  but, honestly, the studio helps me create.  he buys the materials.  he holds my hand when i need him to.  he talks me up wherever he goes.  he is an amazing partner in my journey and i can't thank him enough.

yesterday i went to the studio to get out some emotion.  i've been working on several backgrounds and one was calling me.  since starting the sketch challenge i was feeling more confident to try a nude.  i didn't use a photo reference while working most of her, and was impressed when i had finished sketching on canvas

this was after painting out the background

still name searching until she lets me know what to call her.  she won't be for everyone, but i enjoyed painting her!  she may not be complete, who knows.

until later,


  1. i am over the moon thrilled to have YOUR art in my home! i am just so taken with your stuff and so glad you are getting it out there. i love that mark is so behind you and right there with you. this is great stuff, jenny. the world needs you. truly. thank you!

    1. your words mean so much to me. being a fierce woman/artist/poet who has been where i am traveling now, the same path at different times, i feel so encouraged to know that you see me, you get me, and you feel i am worthy of the world. this is what i am called to do, i want to make a difference in my own way... like you are in yours. you have been my inspiration. and, terri, i thank you for urging me on, for creating the swap way back when, and getting me back on track!