Thursday, March 1, 2018

art show details and day 1 of small painting challenge

all in all it was a great end result for my art show.  I sold a larger painting and 8 minis before the show even started, thanks to family and friends.  *don't worry, you can still get prints of all my art in my shop.  we didn't do it for the sales, but I made sure people knew some were available.  21 business cards were taken throughout the month, but those are like candy, so I expected as much.

"tail of the peacock" is going home with my momma
where I know it will be cherished 

I sold my sweet little buddha and butterflies painting on the last day to my sister, who will give it a great home, and he will fit in perfectly with her decor!

with it being the start of the year, I know (hope) things will pick up and so I've been in a tizzy about establishing a proper business, doing all that I need to do so when the tax man cometh I'll be ready.  I've got a checklist going and peers to ask questions to and a hubby with a brain to help when I'm in a fog and can't comprehend.  got some homework to do!  though I freaked out this morning, wondering if I should say "to hell with being an Artist, I'll just do it for me and store the extras in the cellar".  but who does that serve?  

I need to remind myself what I'm here for.  yes, I can create and be stingy with it, or I could do good for the world as well as our family by setting it free, letting it fly to those who need it.  and the lovely comments in my guestbook really help to remind me that it's good work and it does it's job by making others happy.

"Gave me a sense of peace and joy"

"Lovely pieces of art.  I especially liked the animal totems"

"my spirits are lifted seeing your paintings"

"very vibrant and wonderful... love, love, love the beautiful peacock!"

"beautiful work.  your talent is obvious in these lovely paintings!"

so, no more sitting in the corner for this baby.  it's time for me to do my work and shine my light, no matter the fear.

today marked the start to my 24 small paintings in march challenge.  sweetie got me a pack of 3" canvasses and I decided this would be the way to get me painting a bit each day.  I'm trying to get me on a bit of a schedule so I can be more prolific, though it's a challenge with my health and the weather, as it can get cold in the studio, even with the heater on.  but, I spent 2 hours creating this sweet little piece;

this is actually pretty close to life sized on my screen

I have several reference photos in this vein that I want to do little studies on.  quick, loose, but with some detail... it's kind of difficult to get all those qualities in one painting, but I'm not unhappy with how it came out.  of course I *could* fiddle with it for days, cause thats what we do, but I want these to be quick and without too much of the inner critic whispering behind me.

I'm thinking maybe 5 or so of these kinds of scenes, some florals and some still lifes should round out this months practice.

until later,

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