Friday, March 30, 2018

and then there were 7

wow!  what a whirlwind couple of days since I put the elephant mini paintings up for sale!  thank you for all who participated in that flurry of activity.

out of the 20 elephants we decided to sell (of the 22 I painted), there are only 7 left!  is one calling to you?  I don't know how long they will last.

their sides are now painted black 
so they will look fabulous displayed on their easels.
photos don't do them justice, guys

the scanned images to get the color correct;

colorful bull



out of the mist

on the savanna

the night wanderer


at the watering hole

the first batch all ready for their new homes!
I've since packaged more

I have several elephants being mailed around the United States.  using first class mail it's only been $3.50 for postage.  I add on just a little extra for the envelope and such for a handling charge.  for a small fee you get an original piece of artwork, something not commercially made, something unique.  

message me at to buy one of these original 3"x3" mini elephant paintings from me.  they are only $15 each (including the easel) plus shipping, and tax if in Massachusetts.

it's incredibly exciting and humbling to know that the loving energy I added to these little guys will be enjoyed by people all over!  

until later,

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