Monday, March 26, 2018

newest elephants in the shop

we were able to get the newest elephants in the shop yesterday, despite some tech issues on their end that they were working on.  it was frustrating working on uploading from our end while they were dealing with their problems, but we were stubborn and kept coming back to make sure changes were saved.  we think everything is all set, and will go back and check again today to make sure they didn't change back.  (it's still giving me issues today, though, if something looks funny to you, let me know and we'll see if we can get it fixed).  as always, click on the link below the photo to see which items are available for each painting.

we have 6 new elephants in the shop today!

here is "ostara"

adorable iPhone skin that I may need for myself

"ahead of the herd"

back pack

all over print shirt looks cool, if not like an elephant
it's a subconscious elephant

"play time"

"on the savanna"


"a quick dip"

there is so much more to see at my store

until later,

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