Wednesday, March 7, 2018

three elephants painted

three beauties painted, 19 to go!  these small paintings have me raring to get into the studio each morning, now that I switched my focus.  that was a good call on my part.  why suffer thru something you don't like just because you challenged yourself to do it for fun?  if it turns out to be draining you instead, switch it around!

I've shown my first little elephant;

"playing in the Reeds"

here's yesterdays work;

"Out of the Mist"

whats interesting is I didn't use a reference photo with this one and did with the first one, and the second one looks more realistic- though I like the first one better.

I need to sit with todays elephant to see what he wants to be called, but he came to me and told me to paint him.  I went to the studio at 5:15 this morning to turn on the heater and decided to put some gold on the canvas that already held some paint I had smeared on from the day before.  I knew I wanted a close-up of a face that was pointed to the right, and I wanted to put gold on the right hand side for the background.  that was my plan.  so, I grabbed the canvas and a doily to stencil from and went to it.  it was after I was done with the gold and was about to take a 'before' photo that I saw it.  this elephant came forward in the same pose I wanted.  had I turned the canvas a different way I would have lost this image to paint from!

my miracle elephant;

and here he is!

 his colors make me so happy!

and here they are together

this challenge has gotten me obsessed.  all I can think of is painting elephants!  I am excited to get working on a larger canvas with some more guys, because it is challenging painting so small.  I'm going to wait until April so I don't risk burning out on elephant love before the challenge is complete.

edited after fiddling with him a bit more.  I played in his eye a bit and gave the poor guy a mouth;

pure love!

you can find all my elephants in my shop by clicking on the collections button, or if you want to wait til the herd is complete and buy an original 3"x3" mini elephant painting from me, they will be $15 each (including the easel) plus shipping and tax if in Massachusetts.

until later,

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