Monday, March 5, 2018

progress on my march challenge

I finished two whole days of the 24 small canvasses in march challenge and then crickets thru the weekend.  thats because I set myself up.  I made it too difficult for me thinking they had to be mini masterpieces, when I wanted this to be a fun exercise of doing a little bit of art each day and having something to show for it at the end of the month.

so, I have switched gears.  instead of my intended venice-inspired paintings and some still life paintings for filler, I decided to go for elephants in any fashion I wish to paint them.  I don't care if they are true to life or childlike scribbles, I want to get my elephant-itis out on these cute little canvasses!  since I have used up 2 of the canvasses already I have 22 more to go, and I'm excited to see all the elephant paintings I can make this month!

here is my first elephant, and I must say, I'm smitten by him!

it doesn't show well, but there's some shine in the grass;

ooh, shiny!

he's mixed media with high flow acrylics, some heavy body acrylics, washi tape, ink pencil, and the gold is calligraphy ink.

and here he is with the rest of the paintings I've done

day two was a still life that took way too much of my spirit
still pretty, but a lot of effort

I think if the rest of the paintings are as fun as this one was to make, I should have no problem at all finishing this challenge!

you can find all my elephants in my shop by clicking on the collections button, or if you want to wait til the herd is complete and buy an original 3"x3" mini elephant painting from me, they will be $15 each (including the easel) plus shipping and tax if in Massachusetts.

until later,

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