Saturday, February 24, 2018

checking in

I've not been active with the artwork lately.  just taking a little breather and dealing with a poor Lucy pup who went in for a teeth cleaning and came out ten teeth lighter!  we were all surprised that it needed to happen.  the vet saw one questionable tooth on examination, but when she went to work they were loose and needed to come out.

 her last 'toofie' photo

a bit numb, with no teeth to hold the tongue in

poor little girl

she was miserable that first day, as anyone would be, crying for 5 hours straight with no nap.  if she's anything like me, the pain meds made her dizzy when she closed her eyes.  every time she closed her eyes, she popped them open real quick.  she was also pretty mad at me and lay on the other side of the couch from me most of the time.  when sweetie got home, she was right at his side, soaking in his attention and actually cried tears, telling daddy all about how mean mommy was.  it's been 3 days and she's feeling much better, eating and active, even though I want her to go easy.  I'm also on the loved list again, which helps my mental state.  she has a follow up next week, and I know she will be relieved to be going home with nothing too horrible done to her!

on Saturdays this month sweetie and I have been checking in with my paintings at the library, to say hi to them and to check to see if I need to bring in more bios or business cards.  it's been nice to read the lovely comments in my guest book!

thanks for the comments!

we should be taking down my art on Tuesday this week, so if you want to see them in person, better get a move on!

hubby added a 24 pack of 3"x3" canvasses to an amazon order the other day as a surprise for me, and I've decided to challenge myself to paint them all in the month of march.

they're little, so I think I can do it!

I'll be checking in here and there as the month and challenge goes on.

until later,

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