Wednesday, April 4, 2018

bees in my bonnet

I''ve been enjoying painting bees the last few days.  I only have the first one finished, but it has three bees (and three crystals, and three flowers), so I have gotten a little practice with these sweet creatures.  I'm excited to start bringing my second canvas to life.

almost there...

thats better.

today I went to deliver the Ellie painting, "Sarah Remembers" to a friend in the next town.  it's a good story that I shared in my personal facebook page.  I'll copy and paste, cause I'm lazy;

"went to deliver an Ellie mini painting to a friend at her small business and to chat a bit. while she took care of customers, I browsed her store and fell in love with a shirt she had already printed and hanging up. after her last customer left I asked her if she was selling off rack and if so I would like to buy the shirt, as it said "fortune favors the bold" and I felt it perfect for what I'm doing right now. she got a little misty and told me that this was *the first shirt* she had printed on this journey of hers and it was a special shirt to her. then I got a little misty. knew it was the right thing to buy this one for my own venture and my success as it had the energies already in it! I happily handed over the cash she had just given me for my painting.
we then got talking about my business, and she asked me about the bees I had been painting, so I whip out my phone to show her the photo of the bee and crystal painting I had been working on last. she fell in love and I sold it right there and then. that cash didn't know who it was ending up with last! we were laughing so hard at this point, just handing this money back and forth. but we both felt good sharing the wealth and supporting each other in our businesses.
reminds me of the buddha painting I sold my sister. she picked it up shortly after her beloved kitty crossed over, and later told me she feels healing from it. yesterday I was working on my blog and came across the post about that painting, and was amazed that it was painted right after my beloved pita pup crossed. it has that healing energy to it. there are no coincidences!"

so, this painting, "Gaia Heals", is already sold!  I don't think I've ever sold a painting this fast before.  I wasn't sure I was done fiddling with it, but I won't risk it now.  when someone has a reaction like that I know it is perfect for them just as it is, and I respect that.

I can feel things blossoming, coming alive in me and my art and business.  things have changed.  I know there will be ebb and flow to the business and the bringing in of the monetary stuff, but I will keep painting the little ones for now.  they are affordable for everyone and take little space on a wall or shelf so people don't have to worry too much about where to put them.  and getting up a supply for shows and fairs is fine with me.  exciting things are happening, the juices are flowing, as is the paint.

until later,

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