Monday, April 23, 2018

in a slump

hey there.  since I cant get my head on right about just working with the paint, I've been concentrating on organizing my studio and getting it the way I want.

I've also spent some time on finding photos that inspire me to paint.  it seems to me that the change of seasons does some strange things to my mental health.

I've worked on my queen bee painting to a point where I'm wavering between 'good enough, sign it' and 'work until you feel it's the very best it can be'.  I think thats why I've stalled.  if I get hung up on all the imperfections on each little painting I'm going to drive myself nuts, but I don't want to settle and not push myself, either.  artist A.D.D, maybe?

this is where "Queen Bee" stands now.  and I'm ok with her, but there are some things that bother me enough to question going further.  in the end, I've probably stalled enough that I should go to the next painting...  call this one 'done', put it in the database but not varnish it until either I decide it's done, I 'finish' it to my satisfaction even if it's a year later, or someone buys it.

I darkened the background and I like that she is more of a focal point now, and I made her shirt black except for a small part of the chest which is lighter, kind of an inner glow.  you can still see the green underpainting in the shirt in other areas, as well.  it all gives a Bee feel in my opinion.  I can see this clearly as a notebook!  she being on the front cover, and the back being the green.  yep.  a very nice notebook.

this week I hope to get back on track with the art.  I have my grandmas portrait I'm still mustering up the courage to continue, and another class from 'lets face it' that I'd like to put on canvas.  and I've joined "around the world thru art" , which looks like a great class with many fabulous artist teachers.  hopefully I can get my mojo going with this push.  

until later,

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