Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I love it when a subject/artist/whatever is able to inspire me enough to get me out of a slump, even for a little while!  for some reason the fates collaborated and I was inspired by this weeks class in lets face it .  this class was by juna biagioni who is a mixed media artist and who taught the lesson very well.  the master artist we were following with juna was Kees van dongen (26 January 1877 – 28 May 1968).  

van dongen had a colorful style that I am particularly drawn to, and I chose a small 5x7 canvas and a few reference photos just to get the placement correct, not for perfect likeness.  juna had a front facing portrait and I chose one as well, as I wanted this painting to be easier for me so I wouldn't be discouraged while getting my art groove back.

I chose the red, yellow, blue color pallet I enjoyed in some of van dongens artwork;

and decided to make the reds pop even more with a brighter shade and flowers in her hair;

I will be working on the background more before I call this one completely finished, but I love how this little painting pops even from the other side of the room

I think I will be delving into van dongens style a little more, as I enjoyed the loose painting technique with my hand at the back of the paintbrush.  letting go of some control was freeing me of some anxieties I had been feeling about my art.  maybe it's time to let go a little more often!

until later,

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