Thursday, April 5, 2018

newest in the shop(s)

hi there.  I'm being held hostage by a tired, chilly pup this morning, so figured I'd be productive and get some blog work done while incapacitated.

ok, I'm tired and chilly, too.
it benefits us both

since I sold "Gaia Heals" yesterday I knew I needed to get on the ball and scan it before I had to varnish today.  don't want the glare to interfere with the accuracy of the scan.  and, since sweetie had the scan right there we decided to just get it online.

as always, click on the link below the photo to see which items are available for each painting.

some of the "Gaia Heals" products in my society6 shop;

a beautiful shower curtain

and in my redbubble shop;

see all the neat items redbubble has for "Gaia Heals" here.

we also figured out how to turn on the template for kids shirts and onesies on redbubble, so we added a couple of the elephants for starters.  we will get to work on the rest of the elephant paintings we have there over the weekend.  

for now we have;

(click to sizes to see the other options)


(click to sizes to see the other options) 

take a look and see all the elephant paintings on dresses and other items!  they make my heart so happy!

until later,

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