Friday, April 6, 2018

bee and abstract garden

hi there.  at this point I'm just trying to keep tabs on what I'm painting and when.  it seems I'm on a roll right now, and I get lost and sometimes forget to put dates on my paintings when I finish them.

i'm not quite finished with the first one I'm showing, but am happy enough I could be.

"the collector"

I might leave it here for all I know, and I haven't yet signed the back or dated or any of my numerous paperwork stuff I do to make them 'properly in my world', so putting it in blogland is good to keep these details handy while I decide what else I might do with it.

this next one I am painting will have a bee on it, as I'm still loving the bee energies I'm getting, but fell in love with the background and think it will be nice on it's own in the shops.

"abstracted intuition"
(hard to see, but there is text that includes the word "intuition" on the right)

I can easily see this on a mug or dress.

I like it even better, now

sat with it for most of the day, and saw mountains in the background.  it called for better clarity and a darker sky.  I also darkened the red on the upper left side.  I'm thinking I may leave the bee out of this one, so I will sit with it further to see what it calls for.  to bee, or not to bee, that is the question.  only the muse knows.

until later,

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