Thursday, March 7, 2019

painting when I can

this week has been slow with my work-type-stuff.  between my fall and lucy-pup needing three teeth extracted, I was on the couch and tending to us both for a good few days.  but I have managed a few good paintings and have already sold one right off the easel!

I had a request for otters last week, so I made that a priority and came up with two completed paintings out of 4 planned and sketched out canvasses.

 "Otter's Glow"
Otter has your back. When you need motivation, courage, or just a pick-me-up, otter energy is the place to turn. otter is fierce when needed, but will turn around after the fight to play in a field or in the water. Otter's energy shines!

"Otter Delights"
The Otter delights in many things. His curiosity is endless and he finds joy in living~ jumping right in. He is self assured and fearless in his comings and goings. Call on Otter energies to give you a boost of confidence and joy.

these two are already up on society6 and redbubble if you wish to add them to your home decor or are in need of a tote, a special shirt, or some postcards to send to someone you love.  "Otter Delights" will be living at Bates Crafters Gallery until it's new home is found or I have a newer painting that will take his place.  I'll be bringing the painting to Bates on Saturday morning, so if you have a need to buy it from me personally, better act quick.

I also had a bit of luck with some dog painting magnets this week.  I didn't get 7 finished, but I did get 3, and thats pretty good with an injury and a needy pup.

 "Nice Doggie"
2.5x2.5" magnet

Dog takes things at face value and accepts things as they are. Dog reminds us to be gentle and caring to those around us. Dog knows that everyone is doing as well as they can and that everyone has a story to tell. Just be nice

"Swift to Love"
2.5x2.5" magnet

If Beagle is your totem, you are completely devoted to those you love. Beagle teaches to be a team player and to enjoy nature, even in an urban setting. Be active, wherever you may be. Root out the joy in life with those closest to you

"Pug With the Heart of Gold"
2.5x2.5" magnet

Pug teaches that what you desire you will achieve thru your own actions. Move forward and it falls into place. Even though pug has a concerned face, there is no need to worry. Live in the present, happy to be with, to play with, and charm your favorite people.

these magnets are not yet ready to be in the store, but we will be adding these dogs into the society6 and redbubble stores later this weekend, so stay tuned.

until later,

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