Sunday, March 10, 2019

newest in the shop

hi there.  just a quick update, since it's a rough one today.

sweetie uploaded a few of my newest spirit animal paintings to redbubble and society6, so right to it.

in redbubble first;
*click on the link below each photo that will bring you to all the items for the painting.   enjoy browsing!

we have "Pug With The Heart of Gold"

Pug teaches that what you desire you will achieve thru your own actions. Move forward and it falls into place. No need to worry. Live in the present, happy to be with, to play with, and charm your favorite people.

shown on a woman's tee

If Beagle is your totem, you are completely devoted to those you love. Beagle teaches to be a team player and to enjoy nature, even in an urban setting. Be active, wherever you are. Root out the joy in life with those closest to you

shown on a tote

Dog teaches you to play nice with others. To live in the present moment and forgive those who treated you unfairly. He is wise enough to be his own best friend as well, treating himself with kind words and deeds first, so that he can then serve others.

shown on a sticker

Otter has your back. When you need motivation, courage, or just a pick-me-up, otter energy is the place to turn. otter is fierce when needed, but will turn around after the fight to play in a field or in the water.Otters energy shines!

shown on a framed print

The Otter delights in many things. His curiosity is endless and he finds joy in living, jumping right in. He is self assured and fearless in his comings and goings. Call on Otter energies to give you a boost of confidence and joy.
shown on a photographic print

Otter is a playful soul, finding the joy wherever she turns. They accept challenges head on with a shrug and continue forward with a positive outlook. Call on Otters Wisdom when you have doubts you can get through life troubles with a carefree attitude. Their antics will brighten your day.

shown on a metal print

Otter is naturally curious. They find the world an interesting place, and can come up with creative ways to implement ideas. They are playful and artistic, needing their energies to be used in these positive ways. Their joyful nature makes their wisdom invaluable for many.

shown on a floor pillow

now for society6;
*click link to go to art print- then scroll to bottom of page to find other items with the same art.   enjoy browsing!

shown on a canvas print

shown on an acrylic box

shown on coasters

shown on a cutting board

shown on a laptop skin

shown on a bathmat

shown on a carry all pouch

Sweetie and I went to Bates Crafters Gallery in the snow this morning in order for me to feel more at ease with my display of the Spirit Animal minis.  I felt I was doing them a disservice by just setting them on an easel and being done with it, when they have more energies in them to give to people.  I wanted to make sure that the totem animals were noticed for what they are; a loving energy to help you in your life.  I spend a bit of time researching each animal and it's meaning as a totem.  even if I have several paintings of an animal, I try to make each meaning and write up unique.  I was kept awake at night thinking that a person could buy a piece of artwork from me and not know it's significance!

we spent some time figuring out how to get the painting bios in the little space I have, and I think we did a good job.

 an artists work is never done

 each painting has it's totem meaning attached to it now

a few of my newest in their new spot in the store

 photo by Fran Bates

photo by Fran Bates

the two newest otters still need to be varnished and their sides painted so are not yet at the store, and I'm still contemplating whether or not to bring in the dog magnets when I dont have more than a handful to show.  we'll see how the coming week looks for getting more painted, or if the body will be in need of more rest.  I have been on the go for a while and now might be a good time to take a little break from everyday painting.  I have not yet committed anything to Pat at the animal control, nor have I spent any money for extra space to show the magnets.  I dont want to burn myself out by pretending I'm super woman during a time of healing.  I can go slowly with the dog magnets, and when I have a bunch I can put them out into the world.  I think they would have a bigger impact that way, honestly.

until later, 


  1. Great idea showing the meaning of each animal. Love it.

    1. thanks, sandy! I was losing sleep over knowing people weren't getting the true impact of my artwork.