Thursday, March 21, 2019

new work! owls this week, and a sweet pup magnet

this week I decided to work with owl symbolism.  I usually dont check to see what each animal's symbolism is before painting, and this was no exception.  I did want to add a different collage element instead of my usual washi tape.  this time I used pieces of map, and I love the effect it had on the piece.  I might have made a shout-out to friends and family nearby to look for old maps from their travels that they might like an artist to recycle for them.  saves them the trouble of hoarding them themselves, and gives the maps a brand new life, right?

the beggars bounty

here are process shots of my owl;

 first layers of light and dark shades 
on the collaged canvas

 more layers, 
getting some sunlight colors onto the feathers

 more detail work

finishing touches still needed
this is called 
"Silent Flight"
canvas board
(plus tax and shipping, where applicable)

"Owl might mean a change in life at this time.  Take owl's ability of clear sight to help you see the right course during this change.  Look for patterns and signs in life to help you.  Owl is a guide to help you see through the veil of illusion. Call on owl when facing a decision."

I dont have any progress shots of this sweet pup.  when he decided to come, he was a "quick" one.  I was in the zone with him, thats for sure.  this time I used no collage at all, but I added graphite scribbles to outline the pup and to add shading in certain areas.  I love how loose this piece is!

those eyes make me melt!
"Those Pitbull Eyes"
 10% of each magnet sold goes to North Quabbin Animal Control
(plus tax and shipping, where applicable)

"The pitbull totem may seem scary at first, but he is a loyal family member who keeps to himself and is sensitive to his surroundings.  He is emotional and has an abundance of inner conflict.  When you get close enough to know them you see their silly side that just wants to be loved as they are."

my stepmom came over Tuesday to visit and pick up a painting she had bought for my nephews nursery, and we went out to lunch in a nearby restaurant.  it was nice visit but after sitting at a table for lunch my back was done for the day.  

on wednesday I had motivation to get back to painting but the pain was still pretty bad.  I sketched out an owl and another dog magnet and then rested as I let the spray fixative dry, waiting for motivation and hoping the pain would subside so I could get back to work.  

there is absolutely no pressure from anyone but myself to work on difficult days.  I know my health sometimes means a day or two (or a month) free from doing anything unnecessary, but now that my artwork is in an actual brick-and-mortar store I feel I need to buckle down more and treat my art more like a 9-5 J.O.B.  and since I dont, in actually, paint from sun-up to sun-down I already feel lesser than other artists I see who are constantly showing their new work, saying they were painting late into the night.  I already have these inner voices yelling at me, this imposter syndrome is full force, so telling myself to take a break just makes them yell louder and more obnoxious insults to me.  

anyway, heres where wednesday morning stood;

and I was able to do a few more layers to the owl in the morning;

doing feather work
and concentrating on the eyes
I enlarged the eyes a bit, as well

what I've been doing to get these itty-bitty details just the way I want them (or as close as I can before giving up in frustration) is I take a photo, mail it to my computer, and enlarge areas as big as I can, to see how it's going to look on a tote or something.  then I go back and make tweaks, crossing my fingers and squinting my eyes, usually painting blindly as my brush and hand get in the way, and take another photo.

here's one of the owls eyes, and enlarged as far as I could;

yep, that works for me!

I was able to finish this owl on Wednesday night with some subtle gold highlights that are hard to photograph;

"The Visioning"
canvas board
(plus tax and shipping, where applicable)

"Owl represents the inner wisdom of your soul and also may represent an upcoming change in your life.  Creating a vision board might be a good way of fostering what you wish, and to see how the life choices you make now play into the future you desire.  Call on Owl to help you chart these courses and to see any potential obstacles.  You have the answers within."

while sweetie was scanning this for uploads to the online stores he decided to keep going and was able to get it right up!  

"The Visioning" in redbubble;
*click on the title of each painting that will bring you to all the items for the painting.   enjoy browsing!
shown on a travel mug

shown on a unisex tee shirt

"The Visioning" in society6;
*click link to go to art print- then scroll to bottom of page to find other items with the same art.   enjoy browsing!

 shown on coasters

shown on a throw pillow

hopefully we can get the other paintings up on sunday.  as a little switch-around sweetie has a geek day on Saturday, taking Friday off for our errand day (Bates, food shopping...) and to spend time with me (bribe), so we should get to uploads either friday or sunday this week.

until later,

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