Monday, March 4, 2019

injury update and new (and some old) paintings online

hi there.  

I went to urgent care Saturday, and while there I had a huge flare from sitting on the waiting room seats for an hour.  the doctor was very concerned about my neck and anything that might be wrong, and thought I should have better testing, so sent me to the ER.  I was there for about 3 hours, and they did a CT scan that told us nothing horrible had happened.  their words are, "strain of muscle and tendon of back wall of thorax; strain of muscles, fascia and tendon at neck level".  they sent me home with a few prescriptions and I'm feeling much better now.  still tender, but thats to be expected.  certainly nothing like I was Saturday!

sunday we uploaded my fox and my 3 experimental magnet pup paintings to society6 and redbubble.

society6 first;
**click link to go to art print- then scroll to bottom of page to find other items with the same art.   enjoy browsing!

serving tray
look for the unintentional hearts in this piece! the red heart I brought forward. You are a smart one to have the heart of the Fox. Always looking for solutions to daily obstacles, you have found the best ways around trouble. You are able to provide for yourself and loved ones, even when times are rough.

shower curtain
The Wary Fox pays attention to what surrounds him. He wants you to make sure you are not being deceived and that your path is free of what does not serve your highest good. Make careful decisions under Fox’s wary eye

Fox is always searching for a better way to get at their desires. They are very creative and determined when they have a goal in mind. Fox encourages you to search all tools at hand, to be mindful of your surroundings, and to adapt when things aren’t seeming to go as expected. Be still and listen to Fox’s teachings.

throw pillow
This fox comes to you as a symbol of it’s primal ways and driven nature. Do you need more motivation and activation? Have a project you’re procrastinating? Bring Fox into your world, as he is alert for any opportunities that may come his way. His sharp mind will help you work your way thru life’s challenges

throw blanket
Sheltie tells you to find yourself. We get so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves. Find your own dreams and make them a priority. You matter!

art print
Dachshund- You have the ability to master all that is thrown at you can can crawl out from any obstacle you encounter. Your humor helps you see things in different ways. Let this humor step you back from the drama of a perfect end result so you can accept any outcome with a smile, knowing you did well.

wood wall art
Chihuahua tells you to follow your heart. Heart knows the way. You are supported in your dreams. Stick your tongue out at the nay-sayers and go for it!

now onto redbubble
*click on the link below each photo that will bring you to all the items for the painting.   enjoy browsing!


contrast tank

spiral bound notebook

photo print

unisex tee

travel mug


we also have updated the following older paintings to redbubble;

just go to my redbubble site to find the artwork you wish.  everything you see here is available to be printed on multiple products.

since having my injury, I've decided to play my March Magnet Challenge by ear, not expecting myself to complete a painting each day, but to do them when I can.  I was able to add a little layer on the three I sketched out the other day and was exhausted afterwards, so I'd say resting is important at this time.

until later,

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