Sunday, March 17, 2019

peacock, frog, and a dog... (not a joke; it's more in the shop)

hi there.  it's me again, still plugging away.  this week I have 3 paintings up in my redbubble and society6 shops.  

we'll do redbubble first this time;
*click on the title of each painting that will bring you to all the items for the painting.   enjoy browsing!

up first is "True Colors", my second peacock.  I loved the colors of the first one I did a while ago, I needed more!

Peacock is in your life to tell you that you are here for a reason. You are enough, as you are. Show off your personality and strut your stuff! Grow into your beautiful plumage honestly; with grace but also with balance, knowing that just as peacock is perfect, so are the swan and duck.

shown on a photographic print

People with this Totem are great healers. They have empathy for those around them. They help those in need by cleansing old energies to make way for new. Frog says you are coming into your own power. Release what doesn’t resonate and follow your guidance. If your habits have gotten stale you may need frog energy in your life.

shown on a onesie

This dog dreams of playtime. He is your faithful companion in all of life, but for now only wishes to run and frolic with his best friend. Value this time with him.

shown on greeting card

now to my society6 shop;
*click link to go to art print- then scroll to bottom of page to find other items with the same art.   enjoy browsing!

shown on a mug

shown as a framed print

shown on a tote

or buy the original magnet to help the 
North Quabbin Regional Animal Control
"Dog With a Red Ball"
2.5x2.5" magnet

we also brought these (minus the magnet) to Bates Crafters Gallery on Saturday, so if you're local you can see all my Spirit Animal minis available there to purchase.  I currently have some Elephants left from last years challenge, Otters, Sloths, one Bee left, some Foxes, and the Peacock.

I bought some different sized and shaped canvasses and have plenty of ideas for how to use them in the coming weeks!  hopefully I can do more posting besides 'whats in the shop' boosts, soon, too.  I just have been too tired to do more than paint, eat and sleep these days, but healing is continuing.

until later,

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