Monday, March 25, 2019

pup and owl now in my online shops

hi there.  hope your weekend was pleasant.  it was quiet for us with just life-stuff.  sweetie had a 'geek day' on Saturday, and I was sleepy on meds on sunday when he put the paintings up online, so I wasn't able to blog as soon as they went up.

but here they are!

redbubble first;
*click on the title of each painting that will bring you to all the items for the painting.   enjoy browsing!

"Those Pitbull Eyes"

This pitbull pup may seem dangerous at first, but he is a loyal family member who keeps to himself and is sensitive to his surroundings. He is emotional and has an overabundance of inner conflict. When you get close enough to know them you see their silly side that just wants to be loved as they are.

shown on a drawstring bag

shown on a canvas print

Owl might mean a change in life at this time. Take owl’s ability of clear sight to help you see the right course during this change. Look for patterns and signs in life to help you. Owl is a guide to help you see through the veil of illusion. Call on owl when facing a decision.

shown on a floor pillow

shown on a spiral notebook

now for society6;
*click title link to go to art print- then scroll to bottom of page to find other items with the same art.   enjoy browsing!

shown on carry all pouches

shown on a serving tray

shown as a wall hanging

shown on a can cooler

there is so much more to choose from with these and all my other paintings on both redbubble and society6!  this is just a little taste.

until later,

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