Saturday, June 13, 2015

creating my style

 as an artist who is currently renewing my passion, i’m finding it difficult to find a style i enjoy.  before getting involved with the (almost) daily practice of putting paint to canvas i watched youtube videos of various artists, falling in love with the variety of styles they produced, and being amazed at how easy they made it all look.

now that i am actually getting down to the art part of things, i find myself  going thru those artists styles, trying to find my own charm while also trying to not copy their works, and yet i wonder; how does one learn without copying?

i enjoy canvas work much more than journal work, feeling like i’m wasting paint by hiding it in between the covers of a journal.  the fact that a good journal that can hold a ton of paint and other media will be more expensive than i can afford at the moment is on my mind as well, where i can find old inexpensive and well loved canvasses more cheaply at tag sales and flea markets.  i adore using the colors someone else has used as a base for my mixed media.  i find they have more life in them already, more texture, more energy.

so, the worry about creating something that looks like another artists work is there in the back of my mind every time i create.  if i decide to sell the canvas will it pose a problem if it resembles too much another artists work?  does one have a style that is totally unique?  i see so many different styles in my art groups i subscribe to, but i wonder if they found the techniques from someone else.  are they mixing and matching what they like and using them in their own way, or have they created this style on their own?  also, since I am enjoying creating portraits of some sort or another, how many portrait styles are there, really?  how do you create a face that is your own style?  do i want to be more stylized or try to be more realistic?  can’t i do both?  what if i want to do both?  there seems to be a rule that you need to find *your style* and then only do that in different ways.  sounds boring to me.  i don’t know.

just muddling through this as best i can.  and that’s all i can do.  and if i break a few rules along the way?  well, i guess someone’s just gonna have to call the art police.

until later,

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