Monday, February 11, 2019

what's old is new again

the last two days I have been working to get all my older artwork onto the newer items on society6.  with almost 150 original pieces that was quite a task, as almost every item needs adjustment to make the painting correct.  it took all my day yesterday and 3 1/2 hours of work this morning to call the quest completed.

it was nice to see some old friends again, and in a new light!

here's "Trust" as a serving tray
but she's on over 20 items

"sing" looks great on just about everything she touches
here she is on coasters

I have 21 affirmations as of now
this one is on a yoga mat
but they look great on cutting boards, mugs, bedding, and much more

in need of a coffee table?
"a bouquet of joy" means you never need to buy flowers again!
it also looks great on wrapping paper, coasters and so much more!

how about a christmas pillow?
"winter house on a hill" has that covered

with so many paintings to choose from, and so many new items, it was hard to narrow it down to show the variety I have in the shop!  it was quite an undertaking to get them all done, but I was on a mission.

so, if you missed out on an original mini elephant, or have a favorite that you know would look great as a theme in your home, I'm sure we can help you out.

until later,

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