Monday, February 18, 2019

canvasses in progress, and redbubble shop news

the weekend was busy for painting and life stuff.

I started concentrating on my little bear canvasses out of the 7 little guys I had told you about last time I blogged.  well, I'd had an idea and needed to take action on that as well, so have three more in progress, making it a total of 10 in various stages of completion.

here are the bears

 I think I'm to go back to a more green background for them.
layers...  they make a painting come alive
and help with the decisions

this is collage work, done in a series

as they stand now

and heres a bigger dude I had forgotten to blog about.
he's in a waiting pattern 
while I concentrate on the smaller ones

and, I dove in and did the watercolor portion of last weeks class with Danielle Mack;

the next step in the process uses colored pencil.  hopefully that brings her out, again.  I'm kind of impressed with how the watercolor turned out.  I fully used her instruction, pausing the video as I went, so that helped.  it's not bad for my first real foray into the medium.  I'd dabbled here and there, but never gotten the hang of it on my own.

sweetie and I are working on getting more items up on my redbubble online store each weekend until caught up.   many of my older paintings had been left behind in the shuffle of creating the account.  so many paintings, so little time.  so, we have decided to re-commit to getting it all up, little by little.

our first installment has my three finished bear paintings;

 framed print

spiral bound journal

 photographic print
which is a great deal for artwork!

 drawstring bag

 hardcover journal

front of journal
look at the detail of the textures!

 art board
another inexpensive option

 contrast tank
they have inexpensive postcards, too

so, while my shop at redbubble does have many of the same items as my society6 online shop has, they also have different options, and some of them are a less expensive way to go to get my art into your home.  if anything, I'm all for helping you out, guys!  I know how hard it is to get original art into the home in an affordable way and this is a great way to do so.

until later,

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