Sunday, February 10, 2019

Pinterest board updates and other busy work

this morning I've been busy trying to establish myself on Pinterest.  I have over 200 people who 'like' my HeavenSpirit Creations art board, but I hadn't updated it in quite a while.  if I want people to see my art, I must learn to share on Pinterest, Instagram and such.  it's difficult for me trying to figure out Instagram.  how do i integrate everything so people know I'm selling the work, not just painting?  no clue.

anyway, today was going back in time to add old and new paintings onto my Pinterest board.  I took about 2 hours to upload and add information to each photo, but I'm all up to date!

I'm also in the process of adding new merchandise to older paintings now that society6 has increased their available items.  some of the paintings aren't the correct size for some items, so we won't be getting every item for every painting, but I'm pleased so far with the selection we can get.

for instance you can get

Sarah Remembers as a wall hanging now

Buddha and Butterfly serving tray

Gaia Heals poster

there is furniture now (coffee tables, side tables, stools...).  there are yoga mats, cutting boards, wood wall art, can coolers, acrylic trays and acrylic boxes.  probably some other newer items that I cant recall, and they are always searching for new product.

it's a slow process getting all my paintings going on each item it can, but I'm up for the task!  

until later,

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