Monday, February 4, 2019

new paintings in the making

hi there.  I started work today on a canvas that quickly became two canvasses because of a big oops I made.  I picked up some oil pastels instead of my water soluble pastels for the first layer, and now I fear the worst which will be that most of the layers will not adhere to the previous layers.  I mean, that kind of is my style, having some of the previous layers come thru, but I'm not sure what I'm after is going to be happening this time.  so, I have one experimental painting in progress, with 'let's see how this works' as my predominant thought while working on it.  I'm working these canvasses in tandem, and with bringing bear energies to both paintings.

 the one on the right had the oil pastel

dripping in the layers

flipped the right one over, more dripping

this one will have a bear going after the honeycomb.
I love the colors and textures going on here!

this one will be twin bears

I'm pretty excited with how they are coming along, so far.  that's what happens when you drop the perfectionism and just go for it!  the one with the honey will not be for sale except for prints and merchandise in the shop.  I dont want to risk cracking and peeling of the paint layers after the piece is sold to a collector.

these are painted on 8"x10" canvas panels, instead of the stretched canvas I normally paint on.  I may start painting on these panels for a while, to make my paintings less expensive for collectors.  the panels are less expensive for me to buy, they are easier for me to package and ship out, so that equals savings to the collector!  I am also thinking about getting a collection of paintings together to bring to  bates crafters gallery in orange, massachusetts, for them to sell for me.  I think some of my minis with easels would be welcome there, as well as some larger paintings on panels.   these sizes should sell better around here.  I might add one or two of the larger stretched canvas paintings, but leave most of the big ticket items for another venue.

until later,


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    1. thanks, sandy. I'm itching to get back to them, but I think I want to scan these right now for the shop, cause I like them as is, too. I can see totes or a neat pillow from them!