Sunday, February 24, 2019

bears, and sloths, and online store uploads (oh my)

I blogged last time about my bears being completed.  I've since completed 3 more paintings in one day, as I was on a roll.

sloth love!!!  
they were fun to work with!

Saturday morning had us bringing my bears to Bates Crafters Gallery

 pocket-sized bears

"what are you doing"
"you said to get pictures.  I'm getting pictures"

these 3 photos by Fran at Bates Crafters Gallery

 this guy was sold almost immediately.
my mom-in-law saw it was at the store and went to grab it,
so I still have visitation rights

we then went home to the task of putting all these new beauties up in my redbubble and society6 online stores.  the textures really pop with these high resolution uploads

on to the eye candy!  I'll make it quick, though.  

redbubble first
*click on the link below each photo that will bring you to all the items for the painting.   enjoy browsing!

kids tee-shirt

spiral notebook

photographic print (very affordable!)

contrast tank


on to society6
*click link to go to painting- then scroll to bottom of page to find other items with the same art.   enjoy browsing!

"The Bear Guide"

"Strength From Within"

"Resting Sloth"

"Carry the Love"

"Be Yourself"

thats the very full news from the week!

until later,


  1. good luck with all the hard work you are putting into this. BTW, I love sloths.

    1. thanks, sandy! I love sloths, too. they seem to be very sweet creatures