Thursday, February 7, 2019

it's all in the details

the push and pull of detail work is a struggle for me.  probably with all artists.  how far can I push a painting before it all gets lost?  or before I ruin it?  what if it all goes horribly wrong?  what if I'm not putting in enough detail before calling it complete?  would it look simplistic or juvenile?

art is hard, guys!

yesterday I stopped progress at this point;

I loved the pink hearts that appeared here and there, 
and especially under his chin.
unfortunately, it created a focus that wasn't on the bear, 
so it had to go

yesterday and today I did more work getting the bears to be more the main focus and then starting little details

 I added a halo of teal around them to get them out of the background a little bit, and then decided to add a bit of the brushstrokes that are in the mama bear painting.  it didn't call for a lot of brush work here.  I tried.  adding, taking away.  sometimes less is more.

added a couple of trees to the right
made sure the accidental hearts by the trees stayed strong

added bright pink, 
a few gold dots, and grasses
under the log to move the eye more

I added gold highlights and dots here and there 
with the head of a pin. 
again, to call back the mama bear painting

 the family together

mama looks on as I continue working the cubs

they are getting close; just a few touches to the faces is all I'm thinking for now.  we'll see if they tell me differently.  I'm assuming that we'll be able to put them in the shop this weekend (if hubby is feeling well enough, as he has a cold currently).

until later,

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