Friday, August 14, 2015

the canvas that was a bust... wasn't!

my last post was about the learning process, and i think the biggest lesson i have learned from it was trust.  trust the process.  trust your intuition.  trust the canvas when it speaks.

this one spoke to me.

"i'm not ready yet"

at this point i was frustrated, because i loved where it was.  i was sure that i could not get a better feel from this canvas than i was getting right then.  

and then i got over it.  i again put on music and danced it out.  and it was good.  better in fact.  it spoke to me.  it sang.  it called.  it screamed at me.  i ignored it for a few days, just letting myself relax.  but it would not let me be.

"jenny, i'm an elephant!"

this canvas has elephant spirit to it!  i can't deny the fact.  and i need some of elephants wisdom in my life.  elephant medicine includes strength, commitment, confidence, and patience, all of which are skills basic for the building of my new journey and dreams.  elephant comes at the right time for me to utilize her power.

and, so, i found some old magazine photos, and started sketching.

he's already been thru several incarnations with the chalk, some of which i refused to photograph.

this is how it rests as of publication

and a photo of where i worked on the canvas today;

why did i work in the sitting room instead of my studio???  because i have bundles of flooring in my studio, waiting to be installed!  whoo-hooo!!!

before mark brought home the flooring, i knew i wanted to commemorate the new studio and express my gratitude for his existence in my life, so i wrote him a little love note in paint;

orm is a geek name of his, so i am mrs. orm

my wonderful man bringing me my flooring after a long days work

it's ready for the weekend installation!

hopefully, the next time i write will be to show off my new studio in all it's glory!

until later,

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