Monday, August 17, 2015

the elephant, and a studio tour

my elephant really would not leave me alone until it was pretty complete.  he still has some finishing touches to him, but he is only whispering to me now, instead of nagging me night and day.  when i was not working with him, he pestered me!

i'm listening

so, here he is.  i'm resting with him until he tells me he is ready for my signature;

it's been difficult to get a good photo without glare.  he looks great in person.

and, you might have noticed the floor in the last photo.  yes!  my studio flooring was installed over the weekend.  my poor hubbys body can attest to that.  i owe him big for this!

hubby and son working hard

and some photos of the (almost) finished studio.  i refuse to wait for trim before bringing in my supplies.  the less necessary items will wait until hammering ends, of course.

my bead storage

my dads childhood desk

view from my work table

work table has storage in the back, too

front of work table

my painted brick wall

my stamp drawer

this one holds ink, stencils and other mark-making items

it's so pretty!  i even have a tv for youtube videos

i hope you enjoyed the tour.

until later,