Monday, August 3, 2015

still painting, and an exciting studio update

i've been busy with a few projects since i last posted.  the first is a series of experiments on old wooden boards, just having fun.

i've also been playing with my backgrounds again.  this first one was dark and i just threw everything at it, not really worrying.

then i got worried.  but i finally sorted it all out

it wanted a poppy on it!  yay, it's not a lotus!

i dripped some india ink in the middle, but it didn't splay out like i wanted it to, only making a big puddle, so i raided my feather collection from our cockatiel and amazed myself at how delicately it painted.  i will be painting with feathers in the future!

and lastly i had this;

and i had an idea;

i wasn't happy about how bright the heart was so whitewashed it and added some white drips inside spilling down.

i like it much better now.

i may add a little message in the heart about love being worth the risk of possible heartbreak.  it needs to dry, and i need the right words.  i've seen heartbreak, and i tried again and found Mr. Perfect, despite my wounds.  he healed my pain, made me trust.  and i'm thankful for my previous wounds for bringing to where i am.  for all my wounds, i am grateful.  i am at peace now.  this painting seems a bit dark for me, and the message might be scary, but it's important to just TRY.  it might be the best thing you've done for yourself.  and, if it flops, then you have a good story to tell later.  after you've healed of course.

this got deep very quickly!

do photos of my puppies help?

pita pocket

miss lucy (aka ears)

OK, i almost forgot my exciting news!

my love ordered my flooring the other day!  it should be at the store for him to pick up this weekend or so, but he needs to put in the doggie beds first, so flooring won't start this weekend.  but IT'S COMING!!!

so, i cleaned out the studio, leaving just my easel, one little metal shelf next to it and my paints in their built in shelf.  i swept the floor, even.  it's, like, really clean!

if you look closely you can see pita coming down the stairs

those two cut outs by the floor will be where the dog beds are.  the upper cut outs will be more shelves.  i'm so flipping excited!

until later,

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