Monday, August 31, 2015

finding the groove

i'm taking a class and am watching artist videos on youtube, and i'm catching on to this playing-with-your-art thing.  yesterday i got started with this canvas, making sure to keep my colors in their own families to prevent the dreaded mud until dry.  creating these playful layers has gotten fun.  instead of overthinking which color and what kind of mark making i should do next, i just went with the flow.

"hello Flo"

wow, the lighting needs to be worked on!  sorry about that!

this is with more layers, and taken outside to photograph

i need to figure out this lighting problem if i'm going to get going with selling prints and such!  the first photo is more representative of the depth of the colors.  it is not nearly finished, i'm guessing.  a few areas are bothering me still, but it needs to dry and i need a break.

here are a couple more canvasses in progress;


so, i now have three new canvasses in progress, seven little chakra canvasses to finish, and maybe three others that i got bored with that still need attention.  hmmm.  i think i need an intervention.  but, when the muse whispers, 

until later,

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