Tuesday, January 30, 2018

hubby made this for my personal use...

hubby is a riot, and i love him forever.  after he came home last night to me having a full panic attack, we have been going back and forth with how to phrase this paper to highlight the meet and greet.  he wants it to be specific to, you know, interacting with the artist.  i want less of that.

so, he made this for me

i like this one much better!  hahahahahahahaaaaaa!

we're still working on it.

until later,


  1. LOL! Meet and greet but don't make eye contact. WTH? LOL! Too funny. Would you feel better if you wore sunglasses, or how about if everyone else had to wear sunglasses? For me, I would need a Xanax to do this.

    1. heheheheeee! luckily i will have people who love me around me to 'protect' me from all the eyes ;-)