Monday, January 15, 2018

lightworker in progress

she hasn't gotten a name yet,  but i have ideas for a lightworker series, so i'm just going with that name as a placeholder for now.

yesterday i worked on her for a while.  i have a vision of her holding her light against the darkness that threatens her joy on a daily basis.  both hubby and son, at different times stated "this is going to be a dark painting".  yes.  it must be.  but, there is hope in her darkness.

onto the photos.

after protecting her eyes, which i hope to keep un touched save for the underpainting which is in these photos, i took a deep breath and dove in.  i gave the whole canvas a wash of color.  burnt sienna, raw umber and quinacridone nickel azo gold, layered and dried between colors.

i sprayed as i went for my drippy look.

not caring where the drips go. 
 she may be crying in the end, or not, who knows

after giving it a wash of quin nickel azo gold

and then a big leap of faith and a huge breath...

yep, it's gonna be dark

still working on the background, and then i'll be working on adding some soul to this beautiful girl.  excited to bring her to life!

until later,


  1. can't wait to see finished painting.

    1. thanks, sandy. i'm excited to get back to work on her!