Monday, January 29, 2018

one more week!

sweetie and i will be setting up at the library on thursday morning, and then...

i've asked mark to change the wording to "please do not engage the artist", but he's not going for it.  hehehe.  we may change some of the wording, or not.  this will be placed in the lobby to encourage patrons of the library to come into the room.  mark wanted the photo to be large so people knew who to look for as the Artist.  sigh.  this is so not in my comfort zone, and that hour will be a long and exhausting one for this anxiety ridden social phobic artist.

i'm just about finished with my to do list, that suddenly got a little bigger and stressful a few days ago due to an artist error made to the paintings.  i thought i had ruined them, but hubby saved the day, calmed my brain, and all is well in my world again.

i've decided to have a sale with a huge discount on the paintings i'm willing to let go, as i am needing more wall space and room to put new creations up.  a stagnant home is not a happy one for artists and their work.  creativity needs to flow in and out!  the sale will be for february and march only.  i've told the kids to speak up if they want a particular painting to stay in the family.

it will be nice to be set up in the library after a 10 month build up of lists and stress and anxiety and 'is it good enough-itis'.  february will be a month of self care and reflection and being able to not worry for a second.  i know i will be able to make something up to worry about, but it won't be pressing.  i just don't think shows and fairs are the right thing for me.  not sure how i, as an artist, will be able to get my work out to people if i'm not able to show it, but i'm not going to think about that- or anything- right now!

as of right now, what needs to happen is;

 i need to re-wire my huge elephant painting.
we need to print out the painting bios for people to look at that tell the story behind each painting and their price.
set up on thursday morning(feb 1st) with 19 paintings and 22 minis in the library display case.
tuesday (feb 6th), before the meet and greet, get there early to help my mom set up food (thanks momma).
don't throw up.

i have a shipment of a paint color i need for the skin tone for my huge lightworker canvas and it should be here by the end of the week.  hopefully it is so i can start work on the girl over the weekend and try to keep my mind busy instead of freaking out about having to talk to people.  i've had someone surprise-ask me about my paintings before.  a friend of my mothers is also an artist and we were chatting.  then the conversation went something like this;

her- so, what kind of paintings do you do?
me-  uh... um... nuts, i dont have my phone with me (thinking i could just show her)
her- oh, thats ok (and then changes the subject)

yeah, i'm not very articulate in the flesh.  it takes me a while to formulate coherent sounding words and sentences.  you would think it would be easy for me to talk about my art.  it's what i do; i know the materials i use, i know i sometimes paint intuitively and sometimes have an idea formed before starting, but being able to form these words immediately after the question is asked is pretty difficult for me!

so, say a little prayer that the time goes quickly for me and i don't fumble over my words and stumble over my feet too often.  that people are friendly souls who are curious about my work, and not out to make me look foolish or criticize me in any way.  and that i find something comfortable to wear.  cause thats key.  if i'm not comfortable in my skin that night, it's not gonna be pretty in my head!

thanks, guys, for hanging in there with me!  hopefully i'll get back to the good, painty stuff real soon!

until later,